Experience 5 supercars
in the amazing Guadix area

 Driving a supercar is, in itself, a unique experience. However, driving an entire fleet of supercars back to back is an incredibly rare and bucket-list opportunity to compare and contrast all of your favourite makes and models.

Feel speed. The power and the adrenaline. It’s time to stop dreaming and start driving. That’s why our mission is to take people on a adventure for life. Starting at Guadix race circuit and then cruise the amazing roads in the Guadix area.

1 Full day adventure

Guadix supercar tour

Driving and co-driving 5 different supercars for a total of 6 hours / 200 km. and experience the amazing Guadix area. The thrilling roads are some of the best in south Spain. The roads along the mountains is long, smooth and fast, the weather is spectacular, and the vibe is perfectly conducive to enjoying a full day of excitement.

Tour fleet: Lamborghini Huracan – Lamborghini Superleggera
Ferrari 458 Spider – Porsche 911 Turbo – Audi R8

Stage 1

Shuttle from Malaga to Guadix Race Circuit. Upon arrival, a briefing will be held to give all participants a good start. After the briefing all participants will be divided in to teams of two persons per supercar and the we are ready to go.

The tour will start with 3 hours of intense driving and about 100 km. of supercar entertainment. A mixture of highways and mountain roads. Lunch at Guadix Race Circuit.

Stage 2

After lunche the tour will continue uphill to the even more challenging mountain roads around Granada’s Grand canyon 3 hours / 100 km. After arriving back at Guadix Race Circuit there will a brief evaluation with bubbles and photo opportunity and then the shuttle service will drive you back towards Malaga again.

Tour includes

200 kilometers of supercar driving.
Shuttle service from Malaga.
Instructors to follow in safety car.
Two way radios in all cars.
Evaluation talk with bubbles.

Price per person € 1.195

Availability 5 of October to 31 of April 2019. Minimum 6 participants

Team-building tour

Our 1 day team-building are hugely fun and make a wonderful team-building experience. Private sessions and day-long events are available for groups of 10 clients, or trackdays for 80+ persons.

We’ve run events for everyone from public administrations to automotive executives to non-profit groups. One of the wonderful things about supercars is that regardless of age, industry or nationality – everyone can appreciate a great car.

1 full day

The 2 day