Experience the legendary
Guadix race circuit

A true racetrack driving experience

Our track day will put you behind the wheel of some of your favorite exotic cars on one of the most famous and awesome professional racetracks in Europe. You’ll experience the speed, power, and handling as you pilot your vehicle through chicanes, turns, and down the ever-important straightaway, where you’ll hit speeds of 200mph!

You’ll have a choice of vehicles from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche along with Clio RS an Radicals and we promise you’ll walk away with a grin about as wide as the back straight.

1 Full day Race track experience

Guadix race circuit

Free from the confines of speed limits and traffic, The P1 track day lets you drive your dream car the way it was meant to be driven. The specially designed race track courses are designed with fun and excitement in mind – enough twists and turns to keep you focused and enough open pavement to keep your heart racing at 8000 rpm.

After a safety briefing and vehicle overview, a professional instructor will guide you through the course, after which you’ll open it up for the thrill of a lifetime.

Track day: Lamborghini Huracan – Lamborghini Superleggera
Ferrari 458 Spider – Porsche 911 Turbo – Audi R8 – Clio Sport – Radical SR1

Stage 1

08.30 Shuttle departure from malaga
10.00 Arrival guadix race circuit
10.30 Track Briefing and health insurance disclaimer
11.00 Team photo
11.15 Supercar driving apexline after safetycar
12.00 Clio sport & Radical SR1
13.00 Lunch – Spanish cuisine

Stage 2

14.00 Track driving Clio Sport & Radical SR1
16.00 Debriefing, snacks and bubbles
17.00 Departure to Malaga
19.30 Arrival at Malaga hotel or airport

Track day includes

Shuttle service from Malaga
Instructors to follow in safety car
P1 Apex fleet cars
Clio Sport & Radical SR1
Track staff & Mechanics
Two way radios in all cars
Lunch and snacks
Evaluation talk with bubbles

Additional acquisitions

2 hour Supercar cruise
2 hour ATV adventure
Helicopter from Malaga airport

Price per Person
€ 2.495

Minimum 10 participants
Availability 5 of October to 31 of April 2019.
Price is without VAT.

Price per Person
€ 2.275

Minimum 11-20 participants
Availability 5 of October to 31 of April 2019.
Price is without VAT.

Price per Person
€ 1.745

Minimum 21+ participants
Availability 5 of October to 31 of April 2019.
Price is without VAT.

Team-building tour

Our 1 day team-building are hugely fun and make a wonderful team-building experience. Private sessions and day-long events are available for groups of 10 clients, or trackdays for 80+ persons.

We’ve run events for everyone from public administrations to automotive executives to non-profit groups. One of the wonderful things about supercars is that regardless of age, industry or nationality – everyone can appreciate a great car.

1 full day

The 2 day